court300If you’re a writer, you have probably heard that you should invest in professional editing. It’s true. If you take a look at all of your favorite stories, I’ll tell you a secret – none of them were written alone. In my experience one of the biggest untruths that budding writers are told is that writing is a strictly solitary endeavor. It’s a trick statement. The act of telling your story is solitary. The act of honing, strengthening, and developing a novel or short for readers is collaborative; from beta readers who provide feedback, an editor who helps you (and hounds you if you need it!), cover design and formatting, I don’t know of a single author who can do it all on their own.

If you’ve found my site, you’re probably looking for some help getting your story or novel ready for publication. As an editor, writer and reader I have decades of experience working with people in an wide number of industries, from the more traditional publishing and graphic design, to the more outlandish – road side rug salesmen and traveling artists. My extensive business background enables me to offer budding novelists and storytellers a professional experience with encouragement and care. Please visit my page of published work to see current and recently completed work.

I work from my home in New Hampshire where I do editing, write fiction and dabble in backyard farming. I’m also a member of a wonderful writing group, the Ink Slingers Guild, without whom I would never have found my voice. (Thank you guys. I love you to pieces!)

If you’d like more information or a free consultation, please reach out through my Contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, keep dreaming and for the love of everything – don’t stop writing!

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