I think that everyone I know has their own version of the pet peeve when they are reading another’s work. My husband can politely be called a grammar Nazi while one of my dearest friends will put up with just about anything if the story is good. That’s not to say we should just let it all hang loose and butcher the hell out of the English language, but we do the best we can and learn as we go, right? But what about those little things that are so easy to fix, that should really never happen?

This category is my place to vent and educate on those writing errors that most bother me. They may not bother you and that’s totally fine, but regardless we can all use a little reminding once in awhile. The Internet being the absolutely wonderful place it is allows me to share things I run across that are (usually) humorous educational bits that serve to make my case. This is good, since I regularly find these online cartoons and witticisms communicate much more clearly than I ever could. And we get a laugh or two.

So! Here is my first Pet Peeve: ALOT vs. A LOT and to tell the tale I give you the ALOT Monster courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half.

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