Science Fiction

Courtenay did an excellent job editing my book. She actually took the raw concept and turned it into something that could be easily read and understood by anyone that I gave it to. I have gotten two other stories edited by other professionals, neither of whom did as good a job as Courtenay.

“I felt that she was able to assume my viewpoint and tell the story that I wanted told rather than just point out what was wrong and what I needed to fix. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone else looking to get their work edited and published!!

~ Rhiannon Matlock
author of The Room,
available on Amazon

Urban Fantasy

When I sent my story to Courtenay for [copy editing] I was nervous. I wasn’t nervous about whether or not she would like my story but more nervous that the editing process would change it somehow. Make it so it wasn’t MINE any more.

Boy, was I wrong. Her edits not only corrected grammar (not my strong point) but she noticed inconsistencies and rather than changing anything, made suggestions. I loved this as it pointed out what I missed and gave me the opportunity to write it correctly. Additionally, she made helpful comments just in the story line that enabled me to flesh out a few things and take what was a good story and make it great.

I now feel completely comfortable releasing my story and my readers get a better story than they would have without Courtenay’s help. Thank you!

~ Lisa Barry
author of The Guardians (Book One Gargoyle’s Den),
available on Amazon

I have to be honest; I expected working with an editor to be a bit like a parent-teacher meeting. The parents go in a bit defensive, the teacher stares over her glasses at them and points out the good, the bad and the ugly–mostly the ugly. I was prepared to watch my baby be torn apart by red ink and take it in stride.

Not the case, though.

I found, in working with Courtenay, that she truly brought out the best in my story. She spotted–and acknowledged–all the parts that were near and dear to my heart, that I had hoped would create an impact on my readers. She also pointed out the parts that were lacking, that didn’t jive, that I never would have spotted without her. She did it all with complete respect for me as the author. She was also timely and professional and fun to talk to. Working with her was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to doing more projects with her in the future.

~ Dominique Nelson
author of Carpe Diem,
available on Amazon


Courtenay Doods is a brilliant editor. She gets me and how I want to address my audience. When she is through correcting my work I sound like me, but only better. She is amazing to work with and I now feel confident that all my hard work will actually get published and not lay dormant waiting for that final touch that you know is missing and not quite sure how to make happen. I highly recommend her work and the ease that she makes you feel when you have something you have slaved over. She gets you.

~ Willow Jaffe-Bellotti
author of Love At Last Sight,
available on Amazon

Historical Fiction

Recently I submitted my latest story FOO FIGHTERS to Courtenay Dodds. Her services were indispensable. Not only was she a dream to work with, but her editorial skills are amazing. My story was technical, dealing with aircraft in the Second World War. That did not phase her at all. She even did her own research when she felt necessary. Then when I discovered to my horror I had actually given her the wrong updated version she said it was no problem, “send the one you want me to do.” This, despite the fact she had taken on ten other short stories at the same time. I highly recommend her services without reservation and look forward to working with her on my next story.

~ Robert Broughton
author of Foo Fighters,
available on Amazon


Courtenay was very, very good and went over my story with me until I really felt like it was a product. The thing that was greatest for me was that she took the time to understand what I wanted to do with the story and did her editing in line with that. I found her suggestions really applicable and she spotted some of the same things that I had my attention on and offered the perfect way to make it better! Without Courtenay I would not be as excited as I am for my story to be published for everyone to read!

~Nicole DragonBeck
author of The Guardians of the Path,
available on Amazon

Courtenay has a wonderful sense of what I am trying to communicate, and became a true partner. I mean this in the sense that she can help you hone your raw, scattered ramblings into a jewel that somehow, not despite but because of the cuts, actually sparkles. I chose to trust her and I chose correctly – probably the reason for the good reviews on my debut work is her cutting.

~Desiree Matlock
author of Rain,
available on Amazon


Ms. Dodds did a marvelous job with the editing of my book. She helped me through the fixes while allowing my brand of creativity to remain intact. Her edits were punctual, her replies to my questions were prompt and I felt that she was there when I needed her. I am a very satisfied author!

~ Angel Woolery
author of Waitress,
available May 21st on Amazon

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